The latest piece of news is that I am planning my long desired trip to see the gorillas! I am off to Uganda in November '20 to trek to see the gorillas in their natural habitat. Of course I am so very excited and feel that it is a huge privilege to be able to see these impressive creatures, before we loose them forever. Let's hope we don't.

I am still painting, of course, but it seems that sculpture might just elbow its way in!

Well onto a new year and I am starting with sculpture! I am attending the Sussex Sculpture Studio, to learn to cast in resin. It's really a very interesting process and I have decided to look at this medium as having my work cast in bronze is extremely expensive. So the first sculpture - a lioness, will be called, "Diana, the Huntress" will hopefully make her debut before too long.

Just before the end of 2018 I heard that my donation to "Sketch for Survival" raising much needed funds to help in the conservation of species all over the world, raised £500. Thank you to all those who made a bid on the "Wild Dog". I am very pleased to be ask to contribute again. Watch this space for more information on the 2019 show.

Well, we are coming to the end of 2018 and it has been a good year. I sold my first bronze, collected my second and then third from the foundries. Very exciting indeed.

I finally finished the painting I was working on at Colonnade House in November - it stalled a little only due to having to catch up with the Christmas commissions. All now completed and I am very happy to say, everyone is delighted with their paintings - judging from the wonderful emails and messages I have received. Now to get on with those commissions that were not required before Christmas. Thank you to all of you who have said you are prepared to wait a bit longer. Phew!

I had a recent exhibition at Colonnade House, Worthing, which was very successful. Whilst there, I demonstrated the way I paint, working on a cheetah portrait, which I am pleased to say is almost finished. Keep watching this space!

It's been a very busy year with commissions and I am coming to the end of my list, with just 5 more to go - they will keep me busy in the New Year. I hope to get on and do some more sculptures though, with another garden sculpture planned. Keep watching.