I have a passion for animals. I am in awe of the wonderful creatures that live wild on our planet - and have a huge respect for each and every one.

My particular passion is for the Big Cats - their grace, power and beauty is something to behold.

I have had the privilege of seeing some of these amazing creatures first hand, in their natural habitat on several occasions. Truly a sight to behold. I have travelled on safari in South Africa, Botswana, Tanzania and Kenya. Each location revealing wonderful sightings and just being a truly great experience. My next adventure, I hope is to travel to see gorillas in the wild. Watch this space.

I have no formal qualification in art - but I hope my passion and determination to do justice to my subject inspires my viewers.

I now live in West Sussex with my husband and spaniel (a great character). I have lived in quite a few different places, including Australia and Italy, but always love to come home to the south coast of England.